Clients can contact us via;

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Call Centre

And Mest Beauty representatives or offices based in their countries.


  • After clients get in contact with the professional team at Mest Beauty, medical evaluations are performed by our prominent expert doctors in accordance with personal details provided by clients, medical reports and test results, so the required treatment plan and price are shared with them.
  • Medical evaluations of clients are performed within 24 hours in order to ensure that the patient is given timely feedback.
  • Clients are informed about all medical technologies that will be used throughout the duration of treatments.


  • Visa and plane tickets of the client may be included in the bundle pricing by Mest Beauty upon the request of the client. • If the health condition of the client is not good enough for air travel, they may be picked up by air ambulance.
  • If clients inform the Mest Beauty agent, on their request for accommodation, reservations at contractual hotels in locations close to the hospital where treatment takes place shall be made by us.
  • Our clients do not face communication problems thanks to our Mest Beauty assistants who accompany them and speak the same language as clients.
  • When clients arrive in Turkey, a Mest Beauty representative who speaks the same language as the client welcomes them. The Mest Beauty will use their VIP vehicle to transfer the client to the hotel or hospital that they will be staying at.
  • Mest Beauty performs hotel-hospital-airport transfers throughout the treatment. Mest Beauty gives a phone line used during the treatment to clients.


  • Treatments of our clients are performed at A-Class and JCI certificated hospitals, where high medical technology is present, and the doctors are leading the field.
  • Treatments processes of all clients are monitored by Mest Beauty team and Mest Beauty doctors; patients and their relatives are kept informed regularly.
  • The doctor who performed the treatment will inform clients about doctor check ups and post-operative treatment.
  • All the necessary organization for the departure of our client from the hospital on the day of discharge shall be conducted by Mest Beauty. • City tours and touristic trips are organized upon the request of the patient.


  • Our clients can always get in contact with
  •  Mest Beauty after the treatment for post treatment care after they return to their countries when the treatment is completed.
  • Post treatments are followed by Mest Beautys’ doctors in the relevant countries.