If signs of ageing in and around your face area are bothering you, the best solution will be a face-lift operation. Face-lift operations are generally performed on people over 40. Our surgeons employ many techniques in face lifting operations, allowing removal of loose skin on the neck and fat accumulation under the chin as well as interventions on the face area according to the needs of the patient. Operation time ranges between 3-5 hours according to the type of operation, target area and the employed technique.

Results of face-lift operations are permanent; the patient can maintain this effect for the rest of their life if they take good care of themselves.

Our surgeons employ various methods and techniques for Face Lift operations, also known as Rhytidectomy, performed under the umbrella of Mest Beauty. The most suitable face-lift method for you will be determined after the examination conducted by our doctor. As Mest Beauty, we guarantee that we collaborate with the best surgeons working with the highest quality JCI approved hospitals in Turkey with the best prices.

Required time: 3-5 hours.
Type of Anaesthesia: Local or general